A Healthy Gut Means a Happy Mutt!

As pet owners we’re always concerned about what goes into – and comes out of – our beloved dogs.  The wrong thing going “in” can certainly have dire consequences on what comes “out”.  One ill-gotten meal and you’re either dealing with an unhappy dog at best, a series of terrible messes, or at worst a trip to the vet.

It’s not surprising then, that what goes into a dog can have tremendous impact on their overall well-being.   The gut represents the largest immune organ in the dog’s body, roughly 70% of the canine immune system resides in their gastrointestinal tract.  When the gut isn’t processing the absorption of food and nutrients, it’s working on blocking bacteria and toxins.   But, when the body’s natural defenses in the gut breakdown, like after consuming a food or treat that doesn’t necessarily agree with them, digestive upsets including vomiting, diarrhea and constipation can unfortunately occur.

Having the proper gut flora, both in type and quantity is critical to, not only get your dog through these times of gastric stress, but to also reduce the impact of the illness, as well. Though many premium dog food blends claim to include probiotics in their ingredients, there is no way of knowing the type of probiotic that is included, and most importantly, whether it is still viable by the time it gets into your dog’s bowl.  Most probiotics used in pet products today are derived from bovine, human or yeast sources. For probiotics to have the desired effect they should be species specific, e.g. canine-specific probiotics.  Even when dealing with premium dog food blends claiming to contain added probiotics, there is no guarantee what the probiotic source is.  Furthermore, the natural enemy of probiotics is heat, water and pressure.  Most commercial dog foods go through a heating and pressurization process when the kibble is extruded, which essentially kills off the beneficial bacteria.  To combat this, some of the brands have begun spraying a probiotic blend on their kibble following baking.  However, the quantity of food you buy, the manner in which it’s stored and how long it has been on the shelf are all factors which can all impact the viability of the probiotic contained within the food.

Canine Digest by ForeFront™ is a meat-flavored, all natural powder supplement designed to be sprinkled atop your dog’s daily meal.  One to two daily scoops are recommended depending on your dog’s size, age, condition and health. Each scoop of ForeFront Canine Digest™ provides a minimum of 500 million CFU’s of Probiotics.  ForeFront’s Canine Digest™ not only contains a blend of four canine-specific probiotics but also includes prebiotics, as well.  Prebiotics are the nutrients probiotics require to stay alive and flourish. Because ForeFront Canine Digest’s™ probiotics are fueled by prebiotics plus are host-specific, they can withstand the rigors of the canine digestive tract. ForeFront’s Canine Digest™ is designed to not only soothe the digestive system, but also to encourage nutrient absorption while simultaneously supporting overall health.

Another key ingredient in ForeFront’s Canine Digest™ is BeneCell®.  BeneCell® is a proprietary blend of purified nucleotides, along with other essential nutrients designed to support cellular growth and promote healing and recovery.  Simply put, BeneCell® promotes healing by naturally accelerating the dog’s normal cell proliferation process.  The production of new cells allow your dog to more quickly recover from a variety of stresses, including those that can come in the form of illness, injury, disease or even as a result to anxiety from emotional or physiological situations.  BeneCell® is particularly helpful for pets in less-than-optimal health or for breeds typically known for having food allergies and sensitive digestive systems.

Remember, not all probiotics are alike.  Do your homework and ensure the digestive support you’re giving your dog contains the nutrients they can actually benefit from.  For more information on ForeFront and its line of premium canine & equine products visit www.forefrontequine.com

About ForeFront Nutrition:

ForeFront Nutrition™ is a family owned and operated business out of Vermont who understand the level of devotion and energy it takes to properly care for horses and dogs.  By recognizing the increasing need to provide premium quality supplements, ForeFront’s team embarked on a passionate and extensive industry research journey.  Since then their team of professionals with over 75 years of animal nutrition experience, have sourced, formulated and manufactured a selection of the highest quality animal supplements available. All ForeFront™ products are independently tested and certified prior to blending and are manufactured from all natural ingredients exclusively in the United States.