Salt. What is the best form for horses and what is the best way to make sure they have salt? Do all horses need salt?

All horses, ponies, donkeys, and minis require salt daily regardless of the season. Pure salt is chemically known as sodium chloride (NaCl). The sodium portion is needed for proper muscle contraction, including the heart muscle, as well as nerve impulses throughout the body and brain. Hay and pasture are very low in sodium.

Ask The Nutritionist Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D.

Q: How do I transition to free choice hay? A: Horses instinctively know how much food they need to maintain overall body condition. But when they experience gaps in their forage supply, they become stressed, releasing hormones that ultimately promote fat storage, increase inflammation, and potentially lead to disorders including ulcers, colic, metabolic syndrome, Cushing's disease, and laminitis. They perceive themselves as starving and go into survival mode, “inhaling” every batch of hay you provide. But amazingly, when they are allowed to have a never-ending supply, they will calm down, eat less, and self-regulate their intake.

Winter Weather Tips

Being located in Vermont, we have already felt many of the full effects of winter. If you haven’t had to battle ice in buckets yet, we might be a little jealous. However, if you are in a region of the country that regularly experiences sub-freezing temperatures in winter…the big freeze is unfortunately inevitable!

ForeCalm Paste vs ForeRunner Paste

Each paste is under $25 and contains four servings per tube. May be used individually or combined for maximum physical & mental support. Learn more about the differences of these two products.

ForeFront Equine Ingredients Chart

ForeFront Equine offers a variety of equine supplements. This informative chart will help you see what products include and how to distinguish between them.

ForeFront Equine ForeDigest Data Sheet - No Gut No Glory

NO GUT, NO GLORY! ForeDigest™ was created to cover a horse’s entire GI system. THE FOREGUT: The foregut contains small intestine which play a vital role in nutrient absorption. BeneCell® is scientifically proven to increase intestinal villi length, this improves intestinal surface area and allows for higher nutrient absorption rates. Intestinal villi transport nutrients (food) from the digestive tract into the bloodstream where they can be utilized, they also aid in absorption by containing specialized cells which also transport different types of nutrients into the bloodstream. Lactobacillus strains mainly reside in the small intestine, additional support with equine-specific pre/probiotics aide in supporting the small intestine within the foregut. THE HINDGUT: Yeast (Pre/Probiotics and BeneCell®) play a role, as well, in the hind gut. Yeast is specifically important for fiber digestion in the hindgut, as well as playing a key role in hindgut fermentation. ForeDigest utilizes 2 equine specific probiotic strains proven to colonize faster than non-equine strains. Click on the link above to view article.

New Bottles Have Arrived

With ForeFront you have more options! New convenient packaging. Allstar, ForeJoint & ForeDigest are now available in Jars or Bags with Packets in 30 day supplies. Our Colostrum, ForeRespiratory, Fore74 are now in jars like ForeBasics+.

Supplements for your other four-legged partner!

ForeFront Equine™ developed a supplement line specifically formulated for your dog, utilizing the same level of quality ingredients you’ve come to expect from their equine supplements. Through extensive industry research, the team in ForeFront’s™ canine group has created extraordinary dietary supplements to meet the needs of your other four-legged partner; ForeFront Canine’s Hip & Joint™ chews along with ForeFront Canine Digest™ supplement deliver the nutrition your companion, show or sporting dog needs - whether working livestock, hunting or simply resting on the couch.

What is BeneCell™

As one of the most researched ingredients for use in animal’s diets, BeneCell™ is well-documented for its overall efficacy. BeneCell™ is a proprietary blend of purified nucleotides combined with other proprietary essential nutrients which have been shown to reduce and repair cellular damage incurred during times of stress. Nucleotides play a critical role in the body by accelerating the cell proliferation process, essentially nucleotides help promote and increase cell regeneration. Cell regeneration allows an animal to more quickly and effectively recover from stress – for animals, and horses in particular, stress comes in many forms, including; training, competition, travel, illness, disease, injury, foaling, re-homing and more.

Comprehensive Equine Joint Product - ForeJoint

Developed from a cutting-edge combination of ingredients, including curcumin, egg membrane, colostrum and MSM. ForeJoint™ is one of the most comprehensive equine joint products available. ForeJoint™ includes BeneCell™, a proprietary ingredient which helps a body produce new cells at a more rapid rate. New cell production is critical during times of stress, training and performance. ForeJoint™ provides your equine athletes the nutrients they need for healthy joints, tendons, and ligaments.

Fore74 Organic Trace Minerals

Fore74™ is a 100% organic, all-natural mineral supplement designed to replace the vital nutrients most often deficient in a horse’s diet. Vitamins and minerals deliver the added nutritional support to allow a horse to achieve optimal health, as well as ideal performance levels. Responsibly harvested from above sea level coral mines, not the ocean floor, Fore74™ preserves the ocean’s ecosystem, while providing needed nutrients to horses of all ages.


The foundation formula for all our blends! Whether you’re looking for a quality supplement that is both affordable plus covers the basic nutritional needs for your pleasure and trail horse, or if you’re looking for a means to support your performance horse during the off season, ForeBasic+ is a great choice. ForeBasic+ harnesses the power of Colostrum, Benecell®, prebiotics and equine specific probiotics into a basic, yet complete, blend for horses who don’t require additional joint, digestive or lung support.

Helping Horses Breathe Better!

Whether you’re in the middle of a tough workout, a competition, or even just standing around there is nothing worse than being short of breath. Normal lung function is something many take for granted – both for ourselves and our horses. However, for horses suffering from heaves or coughing and those with eye or nasal discharge, as a result of pollution, allergens, dust or mold, normal lung function is not something to be taken lightly. Fortunately ForeFront Equine™ has developed a state-of-the art respiratory product that not only addresses the issues of horses suffering from impaired lung function, but also helps horses in heavy competition, or on rigorous training schedules, develop a healthy edge by allowing them to increase their oxygen intake - naturally.

9 Premium Grade Equine Performance & Maintenance Supplements

What Fallon Taylor, other top professionals and amateurs alike, love about ForeFront’s products is not only the incredible quality, palatability and ease of product use, but also their packaging. Many ForeFront products come in individual “packets” making the serving not only easy, but also incredibly accurate. The packets allow for simplified and easily organized travel, especially if like Fallon you’re hauling over 76,000 miles a year.

Keeping Horses Safe for Summer

With the show and rodeo season in full swing, along with the promise of summers’ heat to steadily climb, it’s time to consider your horse’s pre and post event regimen, along with their daily need for electrolytes. Sometimes just standing out in a paddock on a warmer day, or in a poorly ventilated stall on show grounds, is enough to leave a crusted layer of salt on your horse’s back and haunches. Mix warmer weather with a rigorous training session, full show schedule, or just a simple trailer ride across town and you have a recipe for dehydration or worse – tying up or even colic. Fortunately ForeFront Equine™ offers two all-natural paste products that help minimize concerns of stress, recovery, oxygenation and hydration. ForeFront Equine’s™ flagship product ForeRunner™ provides a host of benefits and is incredibly popular with performance competition horses and trail horses alike. Used either individually or in conjunction with their newest release ForeLyte™, ForeRunner™ is incredibly affordable and offers a host of benefits for horse-owners.

ForeFront Nutrition™ & Fallon Taylor – both Fan Favorites!

As a World Champion Barrel Racer, a multiple NFR qualifier, Barrel Racing Personality and unequivocally a “Fan Favorite”, Fallon Taylor and her beloved horse, Baby Flo, need little introduction. Recently, Fallon has added a new supplement line to her heavily followed nutrition and training program: ForeFront Equine™. ForeFront supplements are not only used by Baby Flo, but Fallon has a specific product she prefers for each individual horse she rides and trains depending on that horses, age, level of training or special circumstances. Fortunately, ForeFront Nutrition offers 7 different Equine Products to fit her needs, along with 3 more in development which will soon be released co-branded with Fallon.

Don’t Let Your Horse’s G.I. Issues Sideline Your Summer Riding Plans!

Better Performance. Quicker Recovery. Improved Focus. For as big and powerful as they are, horses have incredibly sensitive gastro-intestinal tracts. Something as simple as a feed change can completely stop a half-ton animal in their tracks. Add to feed changes, environmental stresses plus a rigorous riding, training, showing and travel schedule then watch the digestive issues stack up. The best way to prevent digestive issues, from problems as simple as being off feed to full blow ulcers and colic, is to promote and maintain a healthy G.I. tract. ForeFront Equine’s™ ForeDigest™ offers the means to both address current underlying G.I. issues while also preventing those issues from arising in the first place.

Colostrum – Not JUST for Babies!

When most people hear the word “Colostrum” they typically associate it with foals or newborn animals. It’s the “first food” that paves the way for every youngster’s healthy future. In fact, foals that do not receive adequate amounts of Colostrum may suffer from a condition referred to as failure of passive transfer (FPT), estimated to affect up to 25% of all newborn foals and which can predispose them to life-threatening diseases. For this reason, many horse farms and veterinarians maintain a supply of frozen Colostrum for emergency situations. Colostrum offers not only immune support but also a host of lesser known benefits including digestive support, joint support and more – but Colostrum is not just for foals!

“Complete” may not be – check your labels!

A product labeled “Complete” may actually not be, so it’s important to check your supplement labels to ensure that your horse is receiving everything you expect he is and everything you believe you paid for. Some brands reduce the volume of key active ingredients in their blends when formulating a combination, or “complete”, supplement. Where you may be used to giving one scoop for an individual item, may now require two or more scoops for your horse to receive the same amount of a key ingredient as previously given in standalone products.

A Healthy Gut Means a Happy Mutt!

As pet owners we’re always concerned about what goes into – and comes out of – our beloved dogs. The wrong thing going “in” can certainly have dire consequences on what comes “out”. One ill-gotten meal and you’re either dealing with an unhappy dog at best, a series of terrible messes, or at worst a trip to the vet.

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