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Jul 07, 2017

By Kasha Ford, Silver Buckle Services for ForeFront Equine

ForeFront Equine™, LLC is a family owned and operated business who understands the level of love, devotion and energy that goes into caring for your animals. ForeFront Equine™ considers dogs family, and like most dog enthusiasts, they strive to provide the best possible products for our canine companions!

ForeFront Equine™ developed a supplement line specifically formulated for your dog, utilizing the same level of quality ingredients you’ve come to expect from their equine supplements.  Through extensive industry research, the team in ForeFront’s™ canine group has created extraordinary dietary supplements to meet the needs of your other four-legged partner; ForeFront Canine’s Hip & Joint™ chews along with ForeFront Canine Digest™ supplement deliver the nutrition your companion, show or sporting dog needs - whether working livestock, hunting or simply resting on the couch.

ForeFront Canine Hip & Joint™:

Canine Hip & Joint™ is not your average joint formula! The yummy, natural, bacon flavored soft chews are made with egg membrane, curcumin and BeneCell™. The unique combination of ingredients is designed to maintain cartilage and connective tissue, enhance joint function while reducing inflammation.  Much like ForeFront’s™ horse products, Benecell™ is a key element of the formula. Soft tissue damage or stress triggers the dog’s natural response to initiate the body’s repair process.  BeneCell helps to speed up this process and aids in the production of new cells, allowing animals to better cope with injury or disease.

Another key element of this product is the use of egg shell membrane. The egg shell membrane used in ForeFront’s soft chew was hand selected due to its proven efficacy. A study of over 50 dogs showed noticeable improvement in joint mobility within just 7 days. The ingredient includes several key components including collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans (GAGS) which includes glucosamine and chondroitin. Egg shell membrane provides your dog with the nutritional building blocks necessary to promote natural joint health, stability and flexibility.  The egg shell membrane will improve your dog’s range of motion and will provide antioxidants to reduce free-radicals while also contributing collagen and fibrous protein critical for cartilage strength and elasticity.

Finally, the third key ingredient is curcumin. ForeFront has sourced a very specific curcumin ingredient for its proven efficacy as an anti-inflammatory. When dogs are suffering from joint pain an effective anti-inflammatory is a critical element most pet products don’t address.

ForeFront Canine Digest™:

The gut is the largest immune organ in the dog’s body allowing absorption of food and nutrients while blocking bacteria and toxins. When the body’s natural gut defenses breakdown, digestive upset including vomiting, diarrhea and constipation occurs, and commonly happens to dogs when they eat things they shouldn’t. Canine Digest™ offers a blend of probiotics and prebiotics to soothe the digestive system, encourage nutrient absorption and support overall health.  With approximately 70% of a dog’s immune system residing within the gastrointestinal tract, it is a focal point for canine health.

Canine Digest also includes BeneCell™ a proprietary blend of purified nucleotides and other essential nutrients which play a critical role in a dog’s body via the production of new cells which allows a dog to recover more rapidly from performance/activity, illness, disease and injury.

ForeFront’s Canine Digest includes four canine-specific probiotic Lactobacillus strains which can withstand the rigors of the canine digestive tract.  Most probiotics used in other pet products today are derived from bovine, human or yeast sources.  These non-specie specific strains can find it very challenging to survive and grow in a foreign environment like the canine digestive tract. The formula also includes prebiotics, non-digestible foods that make their way through a dog’s digestive system and allow good bacteria (probiotics) to flourish.

In recent years, exciting new research indicates that a pet probiotic promotes overall gastrointestinal gut heath and offers a defense from emotional and physiological stressors.  It is an ideal extra support for pets in less-than-optimal health, such as runts and shelter animals.  It is also a benefit for breeds or dogs known to have sensitive stomachs and food allergies.

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About ForeFront Equine, LLC:

ForeFront Equine™, LLC is a family owned and operated business based out of Vermont who understand the level of devotion and energy it takes to properly care for horses and dogs.  By recognizing the increasing need to provide advanced supplements to deliver the nutrition, both competitive and pleasure animals require, for good health and to reach their maximum potential, ForeFront’s ™ team embarked on a passionate and extensive industry research journey.  Since then their team of professionals with over 150 years of equine experience and 75 years of animal nutrition experience have sourced, formulated and manufactured a selection of the highest quality animal supplements available., (888) 772-9582 | Dealer Inquiries Welcome.


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