Colostrum – Not JUST for Babies!

our colostrum supplies immune and growth nutrients and a balanced combination of vitamins and minerals

By Kasha Ford, Silver Buckle Services, for ForeFront Equine.

When most people hear the word “Colostrum” they typically associate it with foals or newborn animals. It’s the “first food” that paves the way for every youngster’s healthy future.  In fact, foals that do not receive adequate amounts of Colostrum may suffer from a condition referred to as failure of passive transfer (FPT), estimated to affect up to 25% of all newborn foals and which can predispose them to life-threatening diseases. For this reason, many horse farms and veterinarians maintain a supply of frozen Colostrum for emergency situations. Colostrum offers not only immune support but also a host of lesser known benefits including digestive support, joint support and more – but Colostrum is not just for foals!

Colostrum is not exclusively for the young.  Studies have shown that Colostrum also plays a major role in an adult horses overall health, too. Colostrum is an all-natural, multi-purpose nutritional ingredient that offers a health boost for ALL HORSES.  With over 70 Growth Factors, as well as over 80 Immune Factors- including Transfer Factor, this whole food is a powerhouse of cellular, tissue, GI tract, and immune support. PubMed, an online medical search-engine database, currently lists 2,945 studies with bovine colostrum, clearly demonstrates its proven efficacy and interest among the scientific community.

Research indicates that colostrum may help:

  • Support immune system function
  • Combat bacteria and viruses
  • Enhance skin and muscle rejuvenation
  • Support joint and cartilage function
  • Build lean muscle mass
  • Maintain healthy intestinal flora
  • Increase strength and stamina
  • Accelerate healing of injury or trauma

Digestive health is the foundation for immunity and Colostrum is your tool to build from. Whether you’re embarking on an aggressive training, show or travel schedule, or just want to ensure your equine partners health, Colostrum can benefit by offering immune support for horses of any age.  Moreover, it is especially beneficial for those with already compromised immune systems or for those who are young, older or easily stressed.  Colostrum benefits a horse’s digestive system by supplying growth factors as well as needed vitamins and minerals.  Colostrum protects your horse’s digestive tract while minimizing the impact of stress, diet, antibiotics and NSAID’s (like Bute) all of which can wreak havoc on a horse’s sensitive digestive system.  Colostrum will protect the digestive system from bacterial infections, it will reduce the toxicity of existing infections all the while simultaneously aiding in the repair of the GI tract’s lining.  Colostrum can be a wonderful benefit for horses prone to ulcers, those that are ailing and for horses more prone to stress.

Colostrum is a tremendous benefit for joints! Colostrum provides multi-functional joint support via LMW peptides and Insulin-like growth factors. Numerous studies have shown that Colostrum can reduce inflammation, improve stiffness and will also relieve joint pain.  Colostrum contains LMW peptides, a substance that has been scientifically proven to relieve joint pain and reduce painful inflammation. Also, colostrum is the only natural source of insulin-like growth factor. Insulin-like growth factor increases both cartilage and collagen production. Cartilage and collagen both help cushion joints, allow for greater freedom of movement and lessen pain.

Not all Colostrum supplements are alike!  Bovine Colostrum has been the preeminent Colostrum with proven efficacy on horses of all ages. ForeFront’s team of nutritionists has developed their proprietary blend of Bovine Colostrum via ethically sourced means with every batch individually scrutinized in-house. Many other companies add oils or preservatives to their Colostrum, or reformulate it and make it “instantized” and less sticky.  ForeFront Equine’s Colostrum has not been modified – it is completely pure.

The Colostrum used by ForeFront Equine is derived via proprietary treatment processes, recognized and approved by federal authorities and international product safety organizations. Gentle thermal processing techniques provide assurance against microbial contamination, while protecting superior immunoglobulin content, specific antibodies, growth factors, and other valuable components found within colostrum.

Along with the stand-alone colostrum product, colostrum can be found in several ForeFront Equine products including ForeRunner paste, ForeDigest, ForeJoint, ForeRespiratory and All-Star.

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