Don’t Let Your Horse’s G.I. Issues Sideline Your Summer Riding Plans!

digestive supplements for horses

By ForeFront Equine, LLC & Kasha Ford, Silver Buckle Services

Better Performance. Quicker Recovery. Improved Focus.

For as big and powerful as they are, horses have incredibly sensitive gastro-intestinal tracts.  Something as simple as a feed change can completely stop a half-ton animal in their tracks.  Add to feed changes, environmental stresses plus a rigorous riding, training, showing and travel schedule then watch the digestive issues stack up.  The best way to prevent digestive issues, from problems as simple as being off feed to full blow ulcers and colic, is to promote and maintain a healthy G.I. tract.  ForeFront Equine’s™ ForeDigest™ offers the means to both address current underlying G.I. issues while also preventing those issues from arising in the first place.

ForeDigest™ – combines several cutting edge ingredients symbiotically focused on providing a well-balanced and properly functioning G.I. tract.  Key ingredients include Benecell™, Colostrum, prebiotics, equine specific probiotics along with equine specific enzymes, organic papaya and organic ginger.

BeneCell – is well-documented for its efficacy in digestive health and is comprised of a proprietary blend of purified nucleotides along with other essential nutrients. Nucleotides play a critical role by accelerating the cell proliferation process. New cell production allows for quicker recovery from stress including; performance and environmental stress, illness, disease, injury, etc. BeneCell’s™ success lies in the fact that added nucleotides facilitate an accelerated immune response within an organism. An immune response is simply the ability of an animal to mount an effective defense against malignancies and invading microorganisms by producing immunoglobulin’s (antibodies). Considering that 70% of a horse’s immune system is in their G.I. tract, the immune system itself is directly affected by the health of the digestive system. Studies have proven that BeneCell™ positively affects:

  • Positive growth of intestinal villi which is vital for nutrient absorption
  • Reduction in pathogens such as E.coli
  • Increase in beneficial bacteria to help microbial balance in the G.I. tract
  • Weight maintenance, especially during times of stress

Colostrum – As nature’s first food, colostrum supplies immune and growth factors along with a perfect combination of vitamins and minerals to support overall health. The equine digestive system is largely responsible for good health and unfortunately, poor health as well. Stress, diet, NSAID and antibiotics can have tremendous negative consequences on your horse’s digestion. Colostrum protects the digestive tract from bacterial infections, reduces the toxicity of bacterial infections if already present, while simultaneously aiding in the repair of the G.I. tracts lining.

Prebiotics & Equine Specific Probiotic Blend – ForeFront EquineTM is the first equine supplement company to use an equine-specific probiotic blend. Probiotics play a critical role in your horse’s diet by ensuring a healthy digestive tract, enhancing the immune system and defending against pathogenic agents. The intestinal tract encompasses one of the most diverse microbial settings discovered, and depending on the horse’s lifestyle and/or nutrition-type, the digestive tract could be subjected from minor thru major alterations, with possible implications for disease. As a result, any disruption in the inherent nature of the G.I. environment can inadvertently have unfavorable, irreparable and even tragic consequences.

Equine Specific Enzyme Blend – ForeDigestTM utilizes a multi-enzyme formula developed specifically to aid the complex digestive system of horses which includes a highly effective equine specific pH range. This blend includes a variety of digestive enzymes including amylase, protease and lipase, along with a special enzyme mix. This special mix is capable of breaking the carbon bonds found in legume sugars- sugars which are difficult for horses to digest. When equine feed contains a high percentage of grain and/or alfalfa, the microbial flora ferment these sugars which may result in gas and pain. This mix contains the specific enzymes required for hydrolyzing plant-based feeds, regardless of the mix of grains, legumes and hay. The enzyme also unlocks metabolic energy and nutritive factors increasing the nutritional value of feed. As with the equine specific probiotic blend, the equine enzyme blend was made specifically for horses making it not only safe but effective.

Organic Papaya – Few consider the digestive system until it gives you problems. When working properly, the digestive system breaks food down into smaller components allowing the body to absorb and use nutrients. When healthy, your body produces the enzymes required for proper digestion. Papaya contains a proteolytic enzyme called papain, which is highest when the fruit is ripe. Proteolytic enzymes aid in protein digestion. Unlike most other horse ulcer treatment options, papaya is safe for long-term use.  Many other popular digestive products use a calcium/magnesium based antacid to neutralize acid and coat the stomach with a chalky protective layer. However, if such a product is used over an extended time period, resulting high levels of magnesium can interfere with the body’s normal absorption of calcium. Low calcium levels can cause nervousness, bone changes, weak and aching muscles, as well as abnormal heart rhythms. Keep in mind, acid is needed to control and modify bacteria in the gut. If gut acid levels are low for several months, “bad” bacteria, particularly Salmonella, can overpopulate the digestive tract and create conditions for colic. Furthermore, prolonged low acid levels can cause poor absorption of vitamin B12, inefficient utilization of dietary protein, food allergies, bloating and foul manure. Papaya is a natural and very effective way to provide digestive support and nicely complements the other ingredients in ForeDigestTM.

Organic Ginger Root – Ginger root is most commonly recognized for positive effects on gastrointestinal comfort. Ginger stimulates the intestines and promotes saliva, digestive juices, and bile production. This action reduces intestinal wall irritations, increases intestinal muscle tone and allows for smoother and more comfortable food movement throughout the digestive system. In some cases, ginger has been responsible for helping improve appetite and reducing problems such as colic, diarrhea, intestinal spasms, gas and indigestion.

Along with the ForeDigest™, ForeFront Equine™ offers a family of top-shelf equine products for performance and pleasure horses alike.  Look for: ForeRunner™ Paste, ForeLyte™ Paste, ForeRespiratory™, ForeJoint™, AllStar™, Colostrum, Fore74™ and ForeTreat™.   Also available are Canine Digestive Powder™ and Canine Hip & Joint. All ForeFront™ Equine and Canine products are all natural and made in the USA by people who care about quality and integrity.

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About ForeFront Equine, LLC:

ForeFront Equine™, LLC is a family owned and operated business based out of Vermont who understand the level of devotion and energy it takes to properly care for horses and dogs.  By recognizing the increasing need to provide advanced supplements to deliver the nutrition, both competitive and pleasure animals require, for good health and to reach their maximum potential, ForeFront’s ™ team embarked on a passionate and extensive industry research journey.  Since then their team of professionals with over 150 years of equine experience and 75 years of animal nutrition experience have sourced, formulated and manufactured a selection of the highest quality animal supplements available.