Frequently Asked Questions



Can I use more than one FOREFRONT product at a time?

Yes, all FOREFRONT products are safe to use together and designed to complement one another.  The All-Star product does include both ForeDigest and ForeJoint so you do not need to feed either of these products when using All-Star.


Are there any chemicals or preservatives in the FOREFRONT products?

No, all FOREFRONT products have been formulated without the use of artificial colors, chemicals or flavors.  There are no added sugars or sweeteners.  We use some of nature’s most powerful nutrients (i.e. colostrum) along with nutrients the body requires to maintain peak condition such as probiotics and nucleotides.  

What if my horse doesn’t like the taste or refuses to eat the product?

Reduce the amount you feed and increase slowly.  Always add a little water to the grain or feed you’re using to allow the powders to stick to the grain when mixed.  You can also try a little shaved carrot or apple to hide the smell or taste.

Is there a loading dose for the FOREFRONT products?

No, our products have been designed to be integrated at a consistent, daily level only increasing during times of high stress and performance. There is no scientific validation that a ‘loading dose’ is needed or will improve the efficacy of a product or ingredient.

Where can I purchase the FOREFRONT products?

This website, and you can email or call 888-772-9592 to find a distributor near you


How soon will I see results?

This depends on several variables – age and size of horse, current condition and desired result. With our ForeRunner paste product most of our customers see results within two hours.  This product was designed to give immediate results due to its application (competition, recovery, sickness, injury, etc.).  As for the other products from FOREFRONT you will typically see results within 7 to 14 days. 


If I’m using your joint complex formula do I still need to give injections?

We recommend that you get advice from your veterinarian as they may be recommending injections for a very particular reason.  You can discuss the idea of reducing the frequency of the injections and monitoring your horse’s movement and performance.


How quickly do you ship and when can I expect my product delivery?

FOREFRONT ships within 24 hours of receipt of your order

What options do I have for shipping?

US Postal Service, FEDEX

Where are you located?

We have distributors around the continental United States.  Please contact our sales department to find one near you.


How do I become a sponsored rider?

Please email a resume and cover letter to


What combination of your products do I use if my horse is involved with demanding competitive equine disciplines for use before and after the competitive event?

The AllStar for daily use and ForeRunner Paste for before and after stressful events. Please contact or call 888-772-9592 and our technical sales staff will help you decide which products will best suit your horse’s needs.


What product do you recommend if my horse is tense about loading and riding in my horse trailer?

ForeRunner Paste or you can contact or call 888-772-9592 and our technical sales staff will be happy to discuss other potential products.


Do you have a product that has been successful with helping to stop the horse in colicing?

If your horse is colicing you should call your veterinarian immediately.  We have had numerous customers experience a very positive response with the ForeRunner paste during early signs of colic.  Whether it being colic or other stressful situation we recommend administering 20cc as soon as you see warning signs of distress, sickness, or injury. 



Some of your products have equine specific pre/probiotics, what is special about this?

Being that they are host specific they can withstand the rigors of the equine digestive tract.  Each digestive tract (human or animal) has a different pH, temperature and ecosystem.  For this reason having a host specific strain greatly increases the likelihood of those strains surviving the complex digestive ecosystem. 


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