Fore74 Organic Trace Minerals

mineral supplements for horses

Fore74™ is a 100% organic, all-natural mineral supplement designed to replace the vital nutrients most often deficient in a horse’s diet. Vitamins and minerals deliver the added nutritional support to allow a horse to achieve optimal health, as well as ideal performance levels.  Responsibly harvested from above sea level coral mines, not the ocean floor, Fore74™ preserves the ocean’s ecosystem, while providing needed nutrients to horses of all ages.

Fore74™ is an organic and all-natural trace mineral supplement containing 73 trace minerals and calcium from the purest, contaminant-free, coral in the world.  It is free of additives, metals and fillers.  Because Fore74™ is ethically harvested from an above sea coral mine, not from the ocean floor, which can devastate the oceanic ecosystem, it is a better choice.  Unfortunately, other less environmentally-friendly companies are known for harvesting dead coral rubble from fragile ecosystems. Dredging the ocean floor devastates the ecology and is detrimental to living reefs.


Fore74™ is not only organic, but it is also eco-safe, human-grade and 99.9% soluble.  Why is solubility important?  A near 100% solubility rating ensures that your equine athlete is going to absorb virtually 100% of the calcium, along with the other 73 minerals in the product. To further maximize absorption, Fore74™ is also ground into an ultra-small micron size. Other calcium-based products (i.e. calcium carbonate) have much lower solubility ratings, usually between 65% and 74%.  Additionally, other calcium products show increased metal contamination, as well as an overall reduction in trace mineral content.


Each batch of Fore74™ is laboratory-tested and assayed, to ensure quality and guaranteed minerals.  Chemical analysis shows that Fore74™ naturally mimics the mineral concentration of a living body and provides significant health benefits. Coral calcium raises the protective alkaline levels (pH) within the body, which offers your horse the benefits of an oxygen supply at the cellular level to help fight premature cell aging, as well as, unfriendly invaders. Coral calcium is a whole food that’s not only vital for strong bones and teeth, but for the cardiovascular and nerve systems, as well.

Documented Benefits of Coral Calcium

Calcium is known for its bone support qualities and this is especially true for coral calcium. A 2010 study published in the “Journal of Oral Implantology” revealed that bone tissue was grown in the presence of coral calcium. The researchers implanted graphs that contained coral calcium with steel rods into the bones of mice that lead to accelerated bone growth compared to controls. The researchers noted that coral calcium improved bone growth by roughly 36 percent.

The most commonly used calcium in equine supplements is calcium carbonate.  In a study published in the Japan Nutrition and Food Society, four kinds of calcium were reviewed: 1) coral calcium 2) calcium carbonate 3) milk calcium 4) cow bone calcium.  The study clearly determined that the coral calcium group had the highest value of reserved calcium.  It also showed that the coral calcium group had the highest absorption rate at 69.6%.  Additionally, the coral calcium group also had the highest value in HDL (good) cholesterol than the other three groups.

A Daily Use Nutritional Supplement

Fore74™ is a nutritional supplement that easily integrates into any feed program, for horses of any age, and into any style of competition or riding discipline.  The initial concern for some horse owners when it comes to a trace mineral is the selenium content.  Fore74™ contains a very low level of selenium (only .25 ppm), allowing you to feed it daily without the concern of selenium toxicity.

Trace minerals deliver essential nutrients for overall horse health and performance.  The highly bio-available trace minerals found in Fore74™ are a requirement for numerous functions in the animal, including:

Improved Hoof Condition

Cell division to support hoof wall growth and repair

Hoof wall protein synthesis

Synthesis and maintenance of elastic connective tissue

Cross-linkage formation in collagen and elastin

Bond formation in hoof wall proteins for rigidity

Antioxidant activity to protect cell membrane

Improved Joint and Skeletal Function

Cell division and protein synthesis for skeletal growth and repair

Formation of connective tissue (tendons and ligaments,) bones, and cartilage lining joints

Chondroitin sulfate synthesis which is important for formation, maintenance and repair of joint cartilage

Bone development and maintenance

Immune Response

Humoral immunity: antibody titers in response to vaccination

Cell-mediated immunity

Non-specific immunity

Antioxidant activity to remove free radicals and protect cell membranes

Skin and Coat

Epidermal (skin) cell maintenance through cell division and protein synthesis.

Facilitates wound healing

Production and maintenance of skin and hair pigmentation

Feed Digestibility

Cecal fiber digestion by bacteria resulting in increased energy availability from forage

Vitamin B12 synthesis

Fore74™ is one of the most complete trace mineral supplements you will find on the market.  Fore74™ organic certification and 99.9% solubility provide you with the satisfaction and confidence that your equine athlete is getting the most out of every scoop.  From macro-minerals calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chlorine, and sulfur to micro-minerals copper, iodine, iron, manganese, selenium, and zinc Fore74 has you and your horse covered.

7 reasons why Fore74™ is unlike any other trace mineral supplement on the equine market:

1) Coral calcium utilized in Fore74™ has an organic certificate due to its above ground coral and oyster shell source.

2) Fore74™ offers both Kosher and Halal certificates.

3) Fore74™ is traceable back to source of origin, as all mined minerals are “geo fenced”.

4) Fore74™ meets U.S. and European pharmaceutical requirements for supplements and excipients.

5) A heavy metal rating less than California Proposition 65 – the toughest in the United States.

6) Solubility of 99.9% plus

7) Calcium content no less than at 40%oreFront Equine Nutrition Fore74