ForeCalm Paste vs ForeRunner Paste

FOREmulated for that winning edge.

ForeRunner™ Performance & Recovery Paste
(All Natural Support for Physical Stress)
An ideal pre-and-post event supplement! Boosts stamina and oxygenation while maintaining low stress levels. Supports quick recovery, perfect post foaling, post vaccination, post injury support. May aid in preventing post activity muscle cramps & gastric distress.

Contains Benecell® | Equine Specific Pre/Probiotics | Colostrum | Electrolytes

ForeCalm™ Calming Paste
(All Natural Support for Mental Stress)
A perfect solution for nervous or fractious horses, as well as those who may become over stimulated! An excellent choice for mares who are mentally sensitive or moody while in season. All natural ingredients work symbiotically to mentally calm horses during times of stress, while showing, training or hauling.

Contains Suntheanine® | Magnesium | L-Tryptophan | B1 | Organic Hemp Seed

Each paste is under $25 and contains four servings per tube.

May be used individually or combined for maximum physical & mental support.