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Whether you’re in the middle of a tough workout, a competition, or even just standing around there is nothing worse than being short of breath. Normal lung function is something many take for granted – both for ourselves and our horses.  However, for horses suffering from heaves or coughing and those with eye or nasal discharge, as a result of pollution, allergens, dust or mold, normal lung function is not something to be taken lightly.  Fortunately ForeFront Equine™ has developed a state-of-the art respiratory product that not only addresses the issues of horses suffering from impaired lung function, but also helps horses in heavy competition, or on rigorous training schedules, develop a healthy edge by allowing them to increase their oxygen intake – naturally.

ForeRespiratory™ herbal blend was developed specifically for ForeFront Equine ™ by a world renowned herbalist.  ForeRespiratory™ features a proprietary blend of premium-quality, all natural herbs specifically formulated to improve lung function and increase oxygen intake. It not only helps maintain the integrity of a healthy respiratory tract, it also treats symptoms of respiratory distress. Included in the formula are Ginger which has demonstrated it may improve lung function by increasing lung capacity.  Other herbs included are coriander, sage, yucca and licorice – all of which have demonstrated the ability to improve overall respiratory health.

As an added benefit, ForeRespiratory™ also includes the staple foundation of many ForeFront Equine™ products; Benecell®, Colostrum AND prebiotics/probiotics.  Benecell® is a proprietary blend of purified nucleotides and other essential nutrients, proven to have a profound benefit in the body by accelerating cell proliferation/regeneration and allowing the animal to recover more rapidly from performance stress, illness, disease or injury.  Following a landmark trial on Thoroughbred race horses in training, Benecell® proved remarkable improvement in lung function and capacity, as well as significant improvement in muscle cell oxygenation which reduces the level of lactic acid buildup, and consequently, muscle fatigue.  The Colostrum in the ForeRespiratory™ formula was added to ensure a healthy immune system –  the foundation for a healthy horse. Additionally, the equine-specific Probiotic/Prebiotic blend in ForeRespiratory® helps provide a healthy digestive tract, enhances the immune system and plays a critical role, not only in your horse’s diet – but also in their performance.

Along with the ForeRespiratory™, ForeFront Equine™ offers a family of top-shelf equine products for performance and pleasure horses alike. Look for: ForeRunner™ Paste, ForeLyte™ Paste, ForeDigest™, ForeJoint™, AllStar™, Colostrum, Fore74™ and ForeTreat™.   Also available are Canine Digestive Powder™ and Canine Hip & Joint. All ForeFront™ Equine and Canine products are all natural and made in the USA by people who care about quality and integrity.

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About ForeFront Equine, LLC:

ForeFront Equine™, LLC is a family owned and operated business based out of Vermont who understand the level of devotion and energy it takes to properly care for horses and dogs.  By recognizing the increasing need to provide advanced supplements to deliver the nutrition, both competitive and pleasure animals require, for good health and to reach their maximum potential, ForeFront’s ™ team embarked on a passionate and extensive industry research journey.  Since then their team of professionals with over 150 years of equine experience and 75 years of animal nutrition experience have sourced, formulated and manufactured a selection of the highest quality animal supplements available.