Keeping Horses Safe for Summer

By Kasha Ford, Silver Buckle Services for ForeFront Equine
Better Performance. Quicker Recovery. Improved Focus.

With the show and rodeo season in full swing, along with the promise of summers’ heat to steadily climb, it’s time to consider your horse’s pre and post event regimen, along with their daily need for electrolytes. Sometimes just standing out in a paddock on a warmer day, or in a poorly ventilated stall on show grounds, is enough to leave a crusted layer of salt on your horse’s back and haunches.  Mix warmer weather with a rigorous training session, full show schedule, or just a simple trailer ride across town and you have a recipe for dehydration or worse – tying up or even colic. Fortunately ForeFront Equine™ offers two all-natural paste products that help minimize concerns of stress, recovery, oxygenation and hydration.  ForeFront Equine’s™ flagship product ForeRunner™ provides a host of benefits and is incredibly popular with performance competition horses and trail horses alike.  Used either individually or in conjunction with their newest release ForeLyte™, ForeRunner™ is incredibly affordable and offers a host of benefits for horse-owners.

ForeRunner™ is an ideal pre-event paste that is all-natural and won’t test, in fact it’s good for horses.  For youngsters new to the show pen, or more nervous horses that need a bit of calming and gastric support it does wonders.  Full of equine specific probiotics it protects the gut, while the effects of the combination of ingredients allow the horse to better deal with performance anxiety and stress.  For more seasoned and settled horses, it not only offers gut protection, but also allows them to increase their focus.  Post event ForeRunner™ horses recover quicker thanks to Benecell’s™ oxygenation and stamina properties.  ForeRunner™ also helps horses maintain hydration while performing and may also aid in reducing muscle cramping post event.  Additionally, ForeRunner™ has been shown to be beneficial post foaling in broodmares, post vaccination and post injury due to its supportive and cell regeneration properties. It is also ideal for horses being treated with antibiotics – either concurrently or following.

ForeLyte™ is a revolutionary new electrolyte product that offers all the essential requirements of an electrolyte paste without the added fillers.  Unlike other electrolyte products on the market, ForeLytes™ proprietary formula contains no sugar, no fillers and is only 25% sodium–some other electrolyte products are as high as 60% sodium, which is not only unnecessary but may also be harmful.  ForeLyte™ features 100% organic coral calcium, along with 73 other organic, sustainably sourced trace minerals – not cheap or questionable sources of potassium or magnesium.  ForeLyte™ is 99% soluble, so you know your horse is actually absorbing the maximum amount of nutrients given.  Safe to use daily, pre or post event, after rigorous training, showing or excessive sweating – ForeLyte™ replenishes what your horse loses.

ForeRunner™ and ForeLyte™ are complementary products and may be used together or independently, depending on your horse’s needs.  Both products are ideal for performance, show, pleasure or trail horses and retail for under $20 offering several uses per tube.

ForeFront Nutrition™ offers not only a comprehensive line of top-shelf supplements for horses, they also offer a line of Canine products.  For more information on the comprehensive line of ForeFront Nutrition’s™ products visit or

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