Canine Digest

Canine Digest

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    Canine Digest


    The gut is the largest immune organ in the body allowing absorption of food and nutrients while blocking bacteria and toxins. When the body’s natural defenses in the gut breakdown the digestive system can easily get out of balance. This commonly happens to dogs when they eat things they shouldn’t. 

    Canine Digestive Health by ForeFront offers a blend of probiotics and prebiotics to soothe the digestive system, encourage nutrient absorption, and support overall health.  Canine Digestive Health also includes BeneCell™, a proprietary ingredient designed to support cellular growth and immunity, and promote overall wellness.

    Canine Digestive Health is an oral powder supplement designed to provide unique, highly efficacious technology to help balance and support proper digestive function in dogs. 

    The focal point of good health for both humans and animals is the digestive tract.  The gut is the largest immune organ in the body, as its job is to allow absorption of food, while protecting against foreign elements like bacteria and toxins. Gastrointestinal problems in dogs are often related to their tendency to eat things they shouldn’t, and for this reason they need assistance. Forefront Canine gives our beloved pets the added insurance of protecting them from “bad” bacteria that can wreak havoc in their gut.

    2.12 oz Jar
    Contains 60 servings
    1 gram each