Testimonial – Dawn Flint Powell

“The first thing that amazed me about the AllStar supplement is that my horse actually ate it! I have an extremely picky eater and I have spent thousands of dollars in the past on supplements that he refuses to eat. So I knew as soon as Ham started eating the AllStar I was going to forever feed it to him! It didn’t take long for me to notice a difference in Ham once I started him on the AllStar. He feels more fluid when I ride him and it really seems to help keep his belly more settled and calm when we travel. His allergy cough has almost disappeared also.

This is my first full rodeo season feeding AllStar and I don’t see him getting run down as in years past. I’ve seen so many improvements with my horses’ overall condition by feeding AllStar. It truly is an awesome all around supplement! Instead of feeding four different supplements, I can just feed one! And it comes in an awesome, easy to bring on the road, individual packets!!!!

After feeding AllStar and seeing a difference in my barrel horse, I knew I needed to start our arthritic bull dogging horse on it as well! Within two weeks of being on AllStar, our bull dogging horse, Dan, started walking out of his stall without the severe stiffness he used to have.”