Testimonial – Erin King

“Turn Again Frenchman has been using All-Star by Forefront Equine since 2015. We are so grateful for this product as it has been a blessing to him in so many ways. Stallions are very very prone to ulcers not just during breeding season but also while running and hauling. Since using AllStar Elvis has hauled easy, continued to eat and drink with ease on the long hauls, and has not gotten drawn up and stressed during those long hauls. When breeding season came around this spring, Elvis did not loose a pound! The different vets that collected him were all incredibly impressed with how well he kept his composure and his weight on. Also, his semen count was exceptional and stayed that way from the first collection to the last. Besides being a breeding stallion, Elvis is also a performance horse. Since giving AllStar, his muscle mass has increased in and along his shoulders, loin, booty, and gaskin. His stamina during the run is exceptional and he quickly recovers after. His energy level as a whole stayed high while collecting and running all spring, and he stayed very very sound during this trying time. I cannot express how much I believe in this product and how much I believe it has helped my horse since he has been on it.”