Testimonial – Kassie & Jody Green

testimonial forefront equine

Kassie Green: “Since using Forerunner, my barrel horses feel amazing! As a pre-event paste, my horses feel calm and relaxed before our run, and they come out ready to run again. Their appetite and water intake has increased while we are on the road, and they are less fatigued after their runs. The recovery time is significantly decreased, which is great for my herd having to run as often as they do. We won’t go anywhere without our Forerunner!”

Jody Green: “With Forerunner as a pre-event paste, my calf roping horses are extremely focused and ready to work. They feel strong and the results have shown up in their performances. They show an increased appetite, which allows them not to lose any weight due to the rigorous schedule on the rodeo road. My horses love the taste, and the paste is convenient and easy to administer.”