Testimonial – Mark How

testimonial forefront equine

“ForeFront products have made a great difference in my program. I have used the Allstar on everything from my top show horses to my two year olds and in all of them I saw a difference. In my show horse it gave her the extra shine and condition she needed to compete at the top levels. In the 2 year olds I see them developing better, bigger, and stronger than those not on it. My other two favorite products are the pastes. We use the ForeLyte paste every time one of our horses is going to a show in a hot climate, or if we have a horse who’s not drinking as well at home and have seen a big difference using the ForeLyte over other electrolyte pastes. The ForeRunner has helped to give me and my clients an extra edge at the horse shows as our horses are still fresh and ready to work from using it while other horses at the shows get more and more tired as the week goes on. We have also used the ForeRunner here at home anytime a horse isn’t 100%. We had a broodmare who was having a tough time after giving birth and a daily dose of ForeRunner helped her recover quickly. We use and recommend these products and appreciate the quality ingredients and reasonable price point.”