Testimonial – Steve Kutie

testimonial forefront equine

“When the difference between winning and losing is only 1/2 of a point, it is great knowing that we have ForeFront Equine Allstar, providing us with the winning edge. After Feeding Forefront Equine’s Allstar for the past couple of month’s the difference in my horses physical capabilities have night and day. After a hard performance or taxing training session the recovery time has been cut in half.  I LOVE the convenient single serve pouches that make it super easy to carry when on the road, and simple for my help to feed at the ranch without having to worry about properly measuring each dose for every horse. Your horses will love the taste, you on the other hand will not find it pleasing to the palate, it leaves a funny after taste in your mouth that you will taste every time you feed. Having a hectic show and clinic schedule means that sometimes supplies run low, so enrolling in ForeFront Equine’s auto ship always ensures that my horses never miss a day of their Allstar supplement. Great Idea!”